Freed To Set Others Free

That is the title of chapter eleven of the memoir, Fallen, by Annie Lobert.  Here is a preview:

In order for anyone to truly heal, we need to let God reveal the truth about the root of each issue we struggle with. The truth about ourselves is what sets us free more than anything else. When I was a slave to the sex industry, my perspective had to shift of how I viewed my life in order for me to see that I needed to be freed from bondage.

After what Jesus had done for me, I wanted to offer that same hope to others. How could I not? It would be so selfish to keep it all to myself! I became a very eager student of wanting to give this freedom to others. Many times I wanted to jump out into the world and start a full-time ministry. But God would gently whisper in my ear, “Not yet, Annie. I want more time with you alone. Healing takes time. I want you to be ready and equipped for the journey ahead. You can’t help others effectively if you still need help yourself. Focus on My love to heal you first.” One of my favorite scriptures that ministered to me and stopped me from jumping too far ahead of myself was Psalm 46:10: “Be still, and know that I am God.” I camped on that one, especially when I was tempted to jump ahead in my own timing. And trust me, that was often!

But God kept speaking to me and encouraging me, showing me things that prompted me to continue following in the direction He wanted me to go. As I studied the book of John, I read about Jesus during the Last Supper when He washed His disciples’ feet, and it touched the very core of my being. Jesus taught the disciples at the Last Supper to give thanks for the breaking of bread, which represented His body, and the drinking of wine, which represented His blood, and signified the sacrifice He was about to become for all mankind to save them from their sins. Not only was He showing that He was willing to give up His life for His disciples, He was showing them how to be truly thankful for the pain and brokenness that was necessary in order for them to be redeemed.

What I took away from this event was Jesus’ reminder to us as His followers to always be thankful to God – no matter what incredibly difficult thing He is asking us to do for Him. It signified to me how painful ministry can be, and that we need to always remember that going through the pain is so worth it because on the other side of death is a resurrected life! Many times in ministry we must sacrifice our time, energy, money, and pride to help someone else out the pit of despair. And it will especially hurt and humble us when we help someone ends up betraying us. Jesus knew Judas was going to betray Him, but He still chose to wash Judas’ feet as act of servanthood.

Here was Jesus at the Last Supper, knowing He was about to be crucified, washing His disciples’ dirty feet as a servant and not as Master. He could have been doing something else, like giving a final sermon to a huge crowd or performing a miracle in front of thousands of people. But He chose to do this very intimate, seemingly small and meaningless task behind closed doors. Because it wasn’t about being seen or doing something amazing to go out with a bang; it was about the heart of being a servant, and loving someone enough to assist in cleaning the junk off of their lives – of being willing to get dirty for the sake of another. And not just people who are good to us, or people we are comfortable serving, like our friends, family, colleagues, etc. But the very ones others would reject – the Judases that we suspect and know have a plan to hurt us – we must clean their feet and be their servant too. We are never greater than the people we serve…ever!

As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”  Annie is definitely my sister in Christ, with a message of reconciliation, redemption, and hope that glorifies God’s great name.

We overcome by the blood of the lamb and our testimony.  Watch Annie’s testimony as she share the redemptive work of Christ in her life–speaking truth in love, sowing seed, and urging brothers and sister to the Light:

Support the Destiny House program at Annie’s ministry website,  From her website:

“Our unique residential facilities and programming is designed to address the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of each woman.  Services include individualized programs, professional counseling, nutrition education, fitness instruction, life-skills training, and educational opportunities.  Our goal is to have each woman not only complete the 12 month program, but also discover a new purpose for her life.

The Destiny House is a designated safe house.  The home is professionally protected with established state-of-the-art surveillance and security measures.  Our programs and continuum of services are designed as a bridge to healing, self-sufficiency, and permanent housing.”


“When I came in (to The Destiny House) I was an unbeliever … but I knew God was real. I got saved when I went to church. I got healed by God and He planted a seed inside of me that is growing daily. I had no family but now I have people who truly love me, and want the best for me and because of them I know I can make it. I love Annie and all the volunteers that helped in my recovery. With the help of the volunteers and Destiny House my life has been changed forever.

“I was a stripper/dancer at the age of 19. I was drunk and drugged out for most of, well, all of my adult life. Being in the Destiny House was such a great stepping stone to a (normal) life. It was everything combined… (that) helped me grow closer to Jesus. I learned that there are people who care. I learned to forgive. I feel I have changed a lot. I seem happier. I really feel Jesus has changed me from the inside out. I am looking forward to going to school. I am looking forward to starting my new life. I am looking forward to where God is going to take me on this journey.

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