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Regard No One According To The Flesh

[Message given at Momma Jo’s, at the Andre House in Phoenix, October 2018]

Good morning brothers and sisters.  I want to share a testimony and a message about who God is, about who we are, and truth that sets us free.  No matter who you are, no matter what you believe, no matter what you do or what you’ve done, Jesus loves you.

I’m asking you to open up your hearts and hear what God is saying to you.  After I share this message I am going to invite you up to join me for prayer.  I believe that the Word of God will speak to many of you, and if anything I am saying is stirring your heart, please come boldly, and we will go to our heavenly Father together in prayer, believing through faith, that Jesus will come to restore your life and heal your heart.

Before Jesus came into my life five-and-a-half years ago I viewed other people as rivals, threats, competitors, obstacles, pawns, and pieces of meat for my consumption.  I regarded people as objects that either threatened my selfish desires or served them.  The Word of God tells us that the thief came to steal, kill, and destroy.  I didn’t know truth and I didn’t know love—I didn’t know Jesus.  I didn’t have wisdom, I didn’t have understanding.  I didn’t know how to give love and I didn’t know how to receive love. Continue reading “Regard No One According To The Flesh” »

How do we take our emotions captive to the obedience of Christ?

Transformed Through Truth

In 2 Corinthians 10 we are commanded to take our thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ by applying truth to lies and false beliefs—in doing so we destroy arguments and every arrogant attitude raised against the knowledge of God.

What I want to look at today is emotions—how do we take our emotions captive to the obedience of Christ?

Continue reading “How do we take our emotions captive to the obedience of Christ?” »

The Power Of False Beliefs

Before Christ came into my life I was a lost and broken soul, desperate to hide, cover, escape, and control my shame.  I couldn’t accept love from another human being when I believed I was unacceptable; I didn’t know how to receive love, I didn’t know how to give love, and it was inconceivable to me that Father God could possibly have anything but disgust and disdain for me.

How can a young man accept love from others when he “knows” he is unacceptable–when he believes he is unlovable, undesirable, unworthy, dirty, and defective?  He searches for a motive–he wonders… Continue reading “The Power Of False Beliefs” »