Painful Grace

By Chaplain Cliff Danley © 2005

Pain is still what wakes me up
And pain puts me to sleep
But I am closer to His love
It’s felt beneath my weeps

Such a mess all alone here
That’s really how I feel
Shapeless, wet, and undefined
On the Potter’s wheel

No features form or reflection yet
Just soft from tears and waiting
For His loving hands to mold and shape me
Into His purpose of creating

It’s said that it takes time to heal
Sometimes it’s in an instant
But I’ll be still and wait on Him
So desperate, no resistance

Helpless and idle my head won’t raise
My soul’s on bended knee
While He’s working, moving, shaping
His future way for me

He has me stopped, listening and waiting
For promises in hope
Seeing clearer, farther through my tears
Than through a telescope

Hurt and tender but looking up
The pruning for a reason
His wind blows on my open cuts
Now has come my season

Hanging on is going forward
New horizons, they will come
In peace I’ll walk by love surrounded
As His Spirit counsels on

So I will walk transformed by grace
For the first time this I know
Peace and joy and all His virtue
Is what I pray I show

And seek and love my Savior
For Him I will live through
And feast on love at the living banquet
For it was me that He foreknew

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